A Short Interlude: Revised Launch Details for Felix Editions


Dear Followers and Fellow Music Aficionados,

As September draws to a close, you'll have noticed that our anticipated launch has been delayed. Please understand this pause is deliberate and necessary, allowing for the delivery of our exceptional offerings to meet your high expectations.

Our focus has been on creating individualised shipping zones for each country, an essential undertaking to guarantee that our elegant editions reach you in optimal condition, promptly and cost-effectively. The ever-rising costs of international shipping present an added challenge. We've had to work through the intricate requirements of international postage, coordinating with multiple shipping partners and adhering to customs and tax regulations, which has led to an unforeseen delay in our launch. It is imperative for us to initiate our services globally to make available to you the captivating works of overlooked masters.

We extend our apologies for this change in schedule and are grateful for your ongoing patience. We share your keen interest in the revival of works by composers such as Henselt, Schumann-Wieck, De Hartog, and Woelfl. The team at Felix Editions is finalising an array of 16 exceptional titles, crafted from the highest quality eco-friendly paper.

Due to these considerations, we have rescheduled our official launch to the first week of October. This adjusted timetable will enable us to provide a service of the same distinguished quality as the music we offer.

We recognise your eagerness, and we share it. This brief pause serves to refine and perfect our initial offerings. Our new launch date is drawing near, and we assure you the wait will be justified.

To stay informed, please consider subscribing to our newsletter or following our social media channels. We are as enthusiastic as you are about the impending launch.

With sincere thanks for your continued support and understanding,

The Felix Editions Team


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