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Schumann, Clara (née Wieck) (1819-1896)

Early Works


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General Information

Composer: Clara Schumann née Wieck

Title of the Publication: Early Works

Opus: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Composition Years: 1831–1838

Edition Type: Urtext

Edition Number: FE007

Editor: Martijn Vromans

Languages of the Text: English, German, French, and Spanish

Paper: A4 Clairefontaine 120 gsm cream paper

Binding: Black steel wire binding

Pages/Format: Total 120 pages (1 full colour portrait, 3 pages introduction, 6 pages critical commentary, 104 pages with music)

Weight: 550 g

Difficulty Level: 6–10/10

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Clara Schumann’s Romance Variée, Valses Romantiques, 4 Pièces Caractéristiques, Soirées Musicales, and Variations de Concert together form a compelling anthology that mirrors the depth of her musical ingenuity and the breadth of her emotional palette. The Caprices en Forme de Valses reflect a youthful Clara Schumann exploring the limits of her creativity and technical capabilities, while Romance Variée marks a significant milestone in her compositional development, showcasing a sophisticated blend of virtuosity and thematic transformation. The Valses Romantiques exude the joy and optimism of new love, contrasting sharply with the imaginative and sometimes bizarre 4 Pièces Caractéristiques, and the serious, contemplative nature and cyclical narrative depth of Soirées Musicales. The Variations de Concert stand as a testament to Clara Schumann’s unmatched virtuosity and innovative approach to thematic development and variation. Collectively, these works not only underscore Clara’s virtuosic command of the piano but also her unparalleled ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through music, making this anthology a crucial addition to the repertoire of any serious pianist.

About the Music

Innovative Genius: Each piece in this anthology showcases Clara Schumann’s innovative spirit and her capacity to transcend the technical and emotional boundaries of her time. From the tender complexities of Romance Variée the exuberant Valses Romantiques to the demonic whimsy of 4 Pièces Caractéristiques, Clara’s music embodies a pioneering fusion of emotional depth with technical brilliance.

Emotional Landscapes: The anthology traverses a vast emotional landscape from the introspective and contemplative to the joyous and vivacious, then into the realms of the mystical and dramatic. Clara Schumann adeptly crafts each piece to convey a unique emotional narrative, ensuring that the audience experiences a rich tapestry of human emotion.

Technical Mastery and Musical Depth: Through compositions like 4 Pièces Caractéristiques and Variations de Concert, Clara Schumann challenges the performer with intricate technical demands while simultaneously engaging the listener with music of profound depth and meaning. Her work not only showcases her virtuosic abilities but also her thoughtful and innovative approach to composition, making her pieces a rewarding challenge for musicians and a deeply moving experience for audiences.

A Legacy Revisited: This anthology not only highlights Clara Schumann’s remarkable contributions to the piano repertoire but also invites a reevaluation of her place among the 19th century’s virtuoso composers and performers. By presenting pieces that reveal her technical sovereignty, emotional versatility, and narrative sophistication, this collection reaffirms Clara Schumann’s status as a musical visionary whose work continues to inspire and captivate musicians and music lovers alike.

About the Composer

Even in the 19th century, a period brimming with some of the greatest pianists to ever grace the stage, Clara Schumann stands uniquely tall as perhaps the foremost among them. Often merely cast as the muse of her husband, Robert Schumann, she delivered unparalleled achievements, not just as a trailblazing pianist but also as a composer. From the moment she published her Opus 2 at the very early age of 12, she began to leave behind a compositional legacy. These works, while early, are by no means immature: they are the creations of a fully-fledged composer, marked by a remarkable emotional richness and playful virtuosity.


  • Portrait
  • Introduction (English, German, French or Spanish)
  • Caprices en Forme de Valses, Op. 2
  • Romance Variée, Op. 3
  • Valses Romantiques, Op. 4
  • 4 Pièces Caractéristiques, Op. 5
  • Soirées Musicales, Op. 6
  • Variations de Concert, Op. 8
  • Critical Commentary (English, German, French or Spanish)
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